The Rock ' n' Cheese Roll Summer Tour

The Strait Shooters return to Dunedin and Central Otago for a 6 night Summer tour. This time with a 6 piece line-up that will rock you out of your Covid slumber and right into the New Year!

Stafford Murray joins the band with brother Warwick, so not only will they be playing songs from the Strait Shooters repertoire, but you can expect to hear some songs from the Fabulous Murray Brothers albums too! Ramblin' Rick Stringer on keys, harp and vocals, Warwick Murray on guitar, harp, ukulele and vocals, Lee van der Schuit on vocals, Stafford Murray on guitar, bass and vocals, Peter Kesha on bass and keys, Dave Johnston on drums.

The Strait Shooters are back, chasing cheese rolls and laying down some funky rhythm and blues!