Bay of Blues at Bay of Islands

The Strait Shooters want to thank all the hard working organisers and volunteers who put together an outstanding Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival. With a last minute personnel line-up Warwick's brother Stafford Murray stepped up to the plate on bass. Lucky for the band he'd been listening to their album for the last 3 months and took no time to learn the songs. In fact the partnership between Stafford and Henry 'the funky jandal' on drums turned out to be a stroke of genius, and the band got rave reviews from lots of new fans.

The band are now working hard on their new songs and will be back into the recording studio later this year. Warwick and Rick are busy co-writing some great funky soul tunes and can't wait to deliver the bands next album. Perhaps next years Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival will be the perfect place to launch the album. As you can see from the photo below, it's not a bad place to play some tunes...

Ramblin' Rick on the Ferry to Russell to play the opening gig. See you again soon