Shooting for the Bay Of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival.

The Strait Shooters make their inaugural appearance at The Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival 2017, next weekend August 11, 12, 13.

Warwick 'Electrolux' Murray and Ramblin' Rick Stringer will lead a slightly changed line-up for this festival. As always the talented QT Lee will be with the band to lend her sultry lead and backing vocals.

But with regular players and founding members Aaron 'The Funky Chief' Nonoa (bass) and Mark 'Tom Tom' Thomas (drums) unavailable for this tour, the band are grateful to have the talented Bill Newns on bass, and Henry 'The Funky Jandal' Beatie on drums. Both are from Auckland band Juice on the Loose who are also taking part in this years festival. And they've been busy learning the bands songs from the 'That's All We Have Time For' Top 20 album.

Festival goers can expect to hear the bands originals from their album, and their take on some classics.

Look out Bay of Islands, the band from the Strait are on their way! CD's and the bands retro T-Shirts will be on sale from the merchandise shop at the festival and at the Strait Shooters shows.