The Stage is Set - final show tonight!

The Strait Shooters wrap up their New Years Tour tonight, back where it started in Queenstown. Brecon Street Merchant is the home of Southern US cuisine in Queenstown, so it's fitting that The Strait Shooters bring their blend of Blues, Funk and Soul to this hip joint.

Last night the band rocked along with the locals at The Ranch Bar & Grill in Te Anau.

The tour has taken the band from Glenorchy to the main stage of Queenstown for New Years Eve. Blue Kanu Queenstown, Luggate Hotel, Hamills Frankton, Te Anau at The Ranch, and now back to Queenstown for the final show tonight.

Their new album, That's All We Have Time For' has been a hit and it's rewarding for the band to see people from all over the world buying a copy to take home. Tonight is the last chance to pick up a copy of the bands CD on tour, or perhaps a limited edition Strait Shooters T-Shirt.

The Strait Shooters look forward to entertaining you again at The Brecon Street Merchant, Queenstown. Show starts at 9pm.

Don't miss it - because "it's all they have time for." On this tour anyway!